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Weekend at COTA

This weekend at COTA was one of my most memorable and fun weekends in the DC Autosport F4 car. Not only was it on one of my favorite tracks but it also rained on Sunday. The first race on Saturday was great with a third place in class and it was my first time making the run up 130 feet to turn one in the middle of a pack. On Sunday it felt like it had been raining non stop all day but I was very excited. In qualifying I was told over the radio I was P1 and even though I was outdone 12 seconds later P2 was still a great cause to celebrate a great qualifying effort. For the race we went out on wet tires and I was a bit sceptical until I saw two cars on slicks spin out on the out lap. The start wasn’t the greatest and I fell back to P7 but quickly made my way back into third chasing down the car in second. Coming to the white flag I hear over the radio “car ahead is for position” which made me push the car just a bit harder because I knew I could catch him. Late in the lap he was being held up by two lap cars and that’s when I moved up the inside to pass him and one of the lap cars to secure second position. I was very excited with my move and felt very good about the weekend looking forward to the next one and hoping for some rain too.

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