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Track Day Test Drive

This weekend there was a track day at my home track WWT Raceway and I was able to bring the DC Autosport car out and test between the streetcar sessions. It was my first time going through a banking in an open wheel car and the G-force on my body was completely unexpected but an incredible feeling that not many people get to experience. I could feel my torso being pulled down with my head being pulled to the right and the wheel feeling heavy. Once I got onto the straight I could see down the track and something was sticking out through the catch fence which turned out to be a phone, and I could clearly see two smiling faces as they watched me shoot past. Later in the day I got to ride with a gentleman in his new Acura NSX and give him advice on getting around the track as well as a Porsche 911. Being in the GT3 a week prior the 911 felt similar and I could feel how the car would respond but with the NSX it felt foreign and took a few lap before I could give advice besides the basic racing line. It was a lot of fun and I have to thank DC Autosport and the ND4SPD car club for letting me have such an incredible experience.

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