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Mid-Ohio Weekend

This weekend I had the opportunity to test at Mid-Ohio. All I could say was Wow what a challenging track, as I practiced at twilight on Friday. Saturday, after qualifying the team instructed me to wait in pit lane for 25 seconds after the green flag and then start my race. This was a sprint race for 12 Laps and the field of 22 had a 25-40 second head start on me!! I passed 7 cars and finished 14th. I felt I could push more and improve the next day. Sunday I also started from the back of the field again from pit lane. This time I finished 9th!!! A top 10 finish passing 12 cars in 12 laps which included a few that qualified ahead of me.

Thank you Primus for the opportunity, thanks Dad for watching film with me and being there. Stay tuned for the next test as I continue to try to get to the Indy Car Series.

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